Bosnia and Herzegovina Dealer Visit
February 22, 2021

With the positive results of Interra smart home technology, the company sells products abroad and contributes to the growth of the sector. It is also one of the most useful points to increase the comfort level. In particular, you can manage Tocuh panel related products in the best way and you can get the comfort you want. Interra is also at the forefront with its overseas studies. Especially in Bosnia and Herzegovina, it contributes to the growth of the sector with its sales. Bosnia and Herzegovina has identified the sector's shortcomings with its dealer visit and responded to the expectations of the dealers.

Bosnia and Herzegovina Dealer Visit Content

Technical trainings were also included in the visit to the dealership in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Technical training was given on how the products should be used and products were introduced. In addition, dealers were informed about the future technology of smart home systems. During the visit, deficiencies were identified and presentations were made on how to conduct a study. During the visit of the dealer, Bosnia and Herzegovina was given to all employees from the contents of the smart home products to the installation of the necessary training.

Benefits of Visit to Bosnia and Herzegovina

Our company, which has been developing in the international arena, sells the technology that it has developed to other countries and develops its operations day by day. A strategic plan has been prepared on how to market the products with the visit of the Bosnia Herse dealer and the deficiencies of the sector have been determined. In addition, the products needed by the sector are also included and a successful visit period has been spent.

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